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Luxembourg at the heart of U4U 

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U4U offers you a complete brochure of its project, which you can read by clicking here

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1.      Difficulty of recruitment and coverage of vacant posts at the Commission in Luxembourg

Recruitment commensurate with the ambitions and role of the Commission is a priority to ensure the quality of the European civil service.

2.      Retaining existing staff

The attractiveness of the European civil service is an even greater challenge for our institutions in Luxembourg. Hence the importance, after recruitment and entry into service, of giving ourselves the means to retain staff by offering real career prospects, whatever the status.

3.      Unfair treatment of contract and temporary staff

"Divide and conquer" is an age-old maxim. At U4U, we have understood that solidarity and union of all categories of staff, beyond differences in grade, category and status, is our best chance to guarantee our rights and working conditions. In our organisation, contract staff, temporary staff, and all officials appointed enjoy the same support and attention.

4.      Housing, travel and accessibility of the workplace

More and more Luxembourgers are leaving the country, and a large majority of them still work in Luxembourg. This is also the reality for the staff of the European institutions. Luxembourg's location poses problems as an EU site, making it less attractive than elsewhere.

5.      Medical overpricing

The cost of medical care in Luxembourg for European civil servants is said to be around 20% higher than that paid by beneficiaries of Luxembourg social protection. 

6.      European schools, nurseries and childcare centres

The European Union needs to maintain a high quality public service in order to face the current challenges. European schools, nurseries and childcare centres provide our children with the values and wealth of a multicultural environment and quality education. This is at least the standard that should be assured for staff families

7.      Workplace pollution and environment

The greening policy of the new HR strategy has made room for listening to the problems of its staff, the vast majority of whom, it is important to stress, are sensitive to environmental issues, while demanding that the measures put in place open up avenues for a different approach to life at work, while respecting the well-being of staff.

8.      Physical and mental health - Well-being at work

In all EU countries, employers have a duty to ensure the health and well-being of workers.
These issues cover a number of dimensions to which we pay the greatest attention.

U4U offers you a complete brochure of its project, which you can read by clicking here

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